Online: Didgeridoo & Beats + Culture

A resource-rich, interactive introduction

About this Experience

Didgeridoo & Beats + Culture A resource rich, interactive introduction About this Experience A highly popular and dynamic celebration of Aboriginal inventions! THE EXPERIENCE This program starts with the introduction of the didgeridoo - including live didgeridoo music and short film clips, illustrating the traditional making of a didgeridoo and its role during song & dance performances in Arnhem Land. Students will learn how didgeridoos are played –from the basic drone to sound variations and the concept of circular breathing. This is followed by a fun-filled and interactive presentation of other remarkable Aboriginal inventions: boomerangs, possum skin balls, emu callers and more! A great program to get students inspired by the achievements of Australia’s First Nations people and perhaps even get some of them taking up didgeridoo playing or boomerang throwing! This online program can be booked either as a class-size, year-level or whole school online experience – the difference being the level of possible engagement with the students: Maximum engagement - class size Limited engagement – year level (multiple classes attending the same program) Presentation only – whole school (all year levels attending the same program) We Supply: A ZOOM link at the time of booking. 1 hour $495 including GST

  • 1 hour
  • 495 Australian dollars