School - Aboriginal Culture

A resource-rich, interactive introduction

About this Experience

This resource-rich, interactive ‘show-and-tell’ program is a great introduction to Aboriginal culture, covering a range of topics. THE EXPERIENCE A presentation and discussion of traditional bush food, hunting tools, musical instruments, arts and crafts. Authentic objects are passed to the students for that memorable, hands-on experience. Demonstration of how to make Aboriginal paint. Live didgeridoo performance. Activity: Playing Aboriginal instruments: didgeridoo (male students) and clap sticks (female students). We Supply: A wide range of authentic Aboriginal ARTIFACTS, large pull up banners with images, sanitised practice instruments for each STUDENT. We Need: Sufficient floor space for STUDENTS to sit in a semi-circle. Name tags for the STUDENTS, if possible. $495 incl. GST

  • 1 hour
  • 495 Australian dollars