School - Learn How To Play Didgeridoo

Introduction to an iconic instrument

About this Experience

This experience is a great introduction to an iconic instrument – the didgeridoo! *Please note: following the advice of local Aboriginal elders this program is only available to male students (as the didgeridoo is widely regarded as a male instrument). THE EXPERIENCE Students learn about the traditional background of the didgeridoo: its origin, how a didgeridoo is made and who plays didgeridoo and in what context. This is followed by every student getting issued with a sanitised practice instrument to learn how to play the basic drone and how to create sound variations (eg. animal sounds) applying a number of techniques. We will then explain and demonstrate the concept of ‘circular breathing’, enabling the player to play uninterrupted for several minutes. We Supply: A selection of authentic, handcrafted didgeridoos, large pull up banners with images illustrating aboriginal people making and playing didgeridoos, sanitised plastic didgeridoos for all students. We Need: The classroom to be set up with chairs in a large circle. name tags for the students, if possible. $495 incl. GST

  • 1 hour
  • 495 Australian dollars