School - Meet An Aboriginal Elder

Connect with your local community with a traditional ceremony

About this Experience

A visit from an Aboriginal elder is a great opportunity to connect with your local Aboriginal community and have a traditional ceremony held at your school! THE EXPERIENCE In traditional Aboriginal culture the elders have a special place in society, as they are holding the deepest cultural knowledge of their people. Meet a local elder at your school for a traditional Welcome To Country ceremony or a smoking ceremony. This is followed by Aboriginal storytelling and dynamic, fun-filled discussions with the students. This program is a great opportunity to connect with the Aboriginal community and to listen to some local creation stories from an elder! We Supply: Aboriginal objects and materials relating to Welcome to Country / smoking ceremony and story telling. We Need: sufficient floor space for students to sit in a semi-circle. Name tags for the students, if possible. $715 incl. GST

  • 1 hour
  • 715 Australian dollars