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A collection of our amazing, authentic aboriginal artifacts.

Aboriginal Culture

A 30 min. resource-rich, interactive introduction

About this Experience

This resource-rich, interactive ‘show-and-tell’ program is a great introduction to Aboriginal culture, as it covers a range of topics.



A presentation and discussion of traditional bush food, hunting tools, musical instruments, arts and crafts. authentic objects are passed to the children for that memorable, hands-on experience. This incursion also includes an activity where children play didgeridoo (boys) and clap sticks (girls).

We supply: A wide range of authentic aboriginal artifacts, large pull up banners with images, sanitised practice instruments for each child.

We need: Sufficient floor space for children to sit in a semi-circle & name tags for the children, if possible.

Session time: 30 minutes.

Age: 3 to 5 years, a maximum group size of 25 is recommended for maximum engagement.

Cost:  $495 incl. GST

Educator/s: Henning Gerlt or Sean Candy

Cancellation Policy: To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24hrs in advance.

Our Aboriginal artifacts for use in our ELC Culture Incursion include traditional baskets and emu eggs.
Didgeridoo Australia - ELC Aboriginal Culture Program display set up.
Didgeridoo Australia - ELC Aboriginal Culture Program hunting artifacts.
Didgeridoo Australia - ELC Aboriginal Culture Program Didgeridoos.
Didgeridoo Australia - ELC Aboriginal Culture Program Throwing Sticks. A collection of our various authentic boomerangs.
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