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Free resources

Below is a list of ideas and resources to help you on your journey of educating and inspiring your children on Aboriginal culture - please feel free to share with anyone!


Great resources for Educators:


  • A Wurundjeri Culture resource - A wonderful resource to increase your knowledge on local Aboriginal culture.

Great resources for your rooms:

  • Aboriginal Flag Flagworld have a good range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in different sizes that can be purchased online:


  • Marngrook - Marngrook, an Aboriginal possum-skin ‘game ball’, that was played by Aboriginal people in Victoria before settlement. Why don’t you buy an authentic marngrook made by Aboriginal women here in Melbourne, and get the children to play some games with it? Wonderfully soft and children-friendly, a marngrook is a great tool to connect our children with the local Aboriginal culture. Our marngrooks were made by Bernadette Atkinson from Koori Heritage Trust in the city (They come in different sizes, we are using medium size. You might have to order one to get made for you.)
    Contact Koori Heritage Trust:


    Ph: 8662 6300


  • Animal skins - We source our possum, wallaby and kangaroo skins from Lenah Game Meats in Tasmania. A great display together with some boomerangs!

    Wallaby skins

    Possum Skins

    Possum Skins for Cloaks

    NB: Quality kangaroo skins can also be found on Queen Victoria Market and in several souvenir shops on Swanston Street in the CBD.

  • Emu eggs and feathers make a great display! We source emu eggs and feathers from Emu Tracks:


    Emu feathers

    Emu Leather

  • Aboriginal / Didgeridoo Music. There are many exciting Aboriginal / Didgeridoo artists and musicians out there - many can be found on Spotify:

    Baker Boy (Hip Hop)

    Ganga Giri (Didgeridoo & Beats)

    Gurrumul (Songs in language, amazing voice)

    Yirrmal (Songs in language and English)

    Yothu Yindi (Traditional and contemporary Aboriginal music, famous hit song 'Treaty')

  • Kulin Nation calendar - Creating a calendar of the Kulin seasons can be a lot of fun 7 makes for a great display! (Below is a sample from Montmorency South Primary School)

    Websites providing information on the seasons:



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